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Signature Candle - Mandarin & Sandalwood

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These signature candles are all hand-poured and made from the finest fragrances and environmentally friendly soy wax. Soy wax is non-toxic which means it is better for the environment and your health! Soy wax candles typically last longer than a paraffin candle of the same size as they burn more slowly and have a cooler burning temperature.

This means you will be able to enjoy your candle and fragrance for a lot longer.

They have a burn time of approximately 50 hours. 220g

These beautifully scented candles come complete with a silver lid. They are presented in a complimentary gift box hand-tied with a grosgrain silver ribbon, making them perfect for special gifts.

Fragrance Description

This is a woody, mellow and sophisticatedly elegant fragrance. Smooth hints of chocolate warm the zesty tones of mandarin and bergamot as the fragrance blooms. This fragrance is very popular with both men and women alike.

Sandalwood is evocative of the Orient and has an intensity that can be both exotic and comforting. Combined with the fruitiness of mandarin it has a bright and fresh edge.

A luxury product.

Top notes: chocolate, orange, bergamot, mandarin

Heart notes: amber, lavender, lily, guaiac wood, jasmine

Base notes: musk, vanilla, sandalwood, moss, caramel

Preserve your candle for longer with our cloches and wick trimmers.  Why not coordinate with our Signature Diffusers & Room Sprays.

Please click here for our Signature Candle Care instructions.