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Handmade Large Bottle Vase Hazy Slyline

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These bottle vases make the perfect statement piece with or without flowers.  They will compliment any homely living space and make a perfect new home gift great for any flower lover! Inspired by the moments in time on the British coast, they are glazed with the shiny white interior.

Dimensions: 95mm X 190mm
Sizes and colours may vary slightly from image due to the handmade process.


This range is from a potter called Libby Ballard, based in Wiltshire - inspired by the Sea.

Made from a flecked Stoneware Clay that are mixed from a blend of two clays. this vase is individually hand thrown on the potter's wheel starting from a ball of clay and left to harden overnight.  The pieces are then left to completely dry for up to a week and then bisque fired.

Pieces are then glazed in a unique glaze recipe that is mixed up from a selection of ingredients. The bases are then wiped of any glaze and fired again to 1260 degrees. It takes between 2-3 weeks for each piece to be completed.