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Artisan Cold Pressed Soap Bars

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These artisan soaps are handmade from scratch, containing luxurious and natural ingredients using the traditional Cold Pressed method. It's our passion to create deliciously scented cruelty-free soap bars with incredible benefits that are both great for your skin and wellbeing.

They can also be purchased in sets, which include a handmade mahogany soap dish and a soft cotton flannel.

Handmade soap is a blend of science and artistic creativity, and each soap bar is luxurious and unique. Unlike many commercial soaps, our handmade soaps are made with the purest natural ingredients which gently cleanses your skin without being harsh, irritating or dehydrating. Our cruelty free soap base recipes are formulated with specialised and researched ingredients to enhance each soap for ultimate natural skincare benefits.

AVOCADO OIL | Rich in sources of vitamins A, B, D and E with essential fatty acids that penetrate deep into the skin, avocado oil skincare products promise a supple and glowing appearance.

SEA KELP | Our organic sea kelp is sourced from Ireland, famous for Irish seaweed baths. Kelp seaweed contains the most iodine compared to other seaweeds and is packed with minerals and antioxidants capable of drawing out toxins in the skin. Sea kelp is a natural humectant, keeping your skin perfectly hydrated for longer.

SHEA BUTTER | We use 100% pure, natural and unrefined fair trade shea butter, handmade using age-old traditional processes. Naturally high in vitamins A and E, shea butter skincare is both nourishing and moisturising. Shea butter has healing and hydrating qualities known to reduce the appearance of scarring, soften skin and boost collagen production.

COCONUT OIL | Easily absorbed by the skin helping to improve elasticity and collagen production, coconut oil contains vitamins A and E that may reduce damage from free radicals and protect the skin from harmful bacteria. Coconut oil skincare is suitable for all skin types and is known for its hydrating properties.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL | We use only the finest activated charcoal derived from coconut husks from the UK’s only licensed medicinal charcoal manufacturer, making our activated charcoal soap an entirely environmentally friendly product. Activated charcoal produced from coconut shells has greater absorbance of toxins compared to the often substituted willow charcoal. Ideal for acne prone skin.

OLIVE OIL | Naturally high in squalene, olive oil closely resembles the skins natural sebum, leaving your skin barrier super soft and smooth. Use our olive oil soap for an extra hit of hydration.